Harry Potter River Cruise

February 26, 2018

There’s a new river cruise in England for Harry Potter fans. With sailings from August 5-11 and August 19-25 aboard the Magna Carta luxury river cruise ship, the two six-day trips will sail down the River Thames in England.  The voyages will take your family to several of the most memorable locations from the Harry Potter movies, including Virginia Water Lake, the house where Harry lived with Uncle Vernon and Petunia Dursley, and Warner Brothers Studios, where you will take part in the official Harry Potter tour. Other locations on the trip include Oxford University’s Christ Church College and its Great Hall, which were the inspiration behind the sets of multiple Harry Potter films. The Magna Carta accommodates eight passengers in four rooms on two decks. In addition, the vessel also includes a living area, dining room, a hot tub and Wi-Fi. Each of the sailings will be manned by a crew of six people, including a gourmet chef that will prepare Hogwarts-inspired meals. Each voyage must be booked by parties of eight passengers who split the total cost of $36,000. While the price may be steep, this is a dream vacation for any Harry Potter fan!